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Portable Lantern by Off Grid Tools $20
As a camper this lantern is perfect!

The OGT Portable Lantern is perfect for camping, hunting or just having around the house. Bright COB LED Technology. Up To 40X Brighter than ordinary Lanterns. Magnetic Base Retractable Hanging Hook. Adjustable. Light Level. Bonus Twist-Off Top Storage Compartment

Wapiti Wailer Bite-N-Blow Elk Call $25
Upgrade your Elk calling with an new call to test out! 

To be Shocker-worthy, a product must possess the exact elements to make turkey hunting easier, and make you a better hunter. Each item in the Shocker product line is designed, from inception, with purpose-driven storage compartments, specific features and item orientations with turkey hunting-solely in mind.

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