"Pick a Box"

Designed For Banquets to
Increase Overall Donations
Increase Participation
Increase Attendee Enjoyment

How does it work?

Well, everybody wins and 1 person wins a brand new gun!


We send you 50 to 100 boxes. Each box is numbered, and contains at least $50, all the up to $400 worth of gear in it. 

*Number of boxes sent depends on number of expected Attendee's


Attendee's pay $100 to "Pick a Box"! Not only do they win the gear inside, but the number gives them a chance to win the gun!


Once all the boxes are picked or nearing the end of the event, a number is drawn to pick the winner of the gun! 

Already run a similar game?

Consider letting us take it over for you.

By partnering with us, you can expect:

Minimum to No 
Upfront Cost

We want to support you and the conservation efforts, so let's dicuss how everybody wins, and not take away from your budget.

A true Partner

Your mission is important to us, and you will have a dedicated person to make sure this goes smoothly, handle the logistics and more. 

Keep the Donations Coming

If you allow us to place cards on all the tables offering your attendee's a membership discount, every time that person purchases or receives a box, we donate a portion back to your chapter!

To set this up for your next banquet 
or inquire for more questions contact
Grant at 
Text - 214-892-2050
Email - Grant@SportsmansBox.com

Thank you and hope to work with you soon!