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The Sportsman’s Box is proud to partner with outstanding organizations and companies that share the same important values in making a difference in the outdoors through conservation, education, and volunteer efforts. The Sportsman’s Box is proud to partner with one of those outstanding organizations, Trinity Oaks. 

Sportsman’s Box Founder and CEO Adam Whitehead said, “We are excited to have an opportunity to increase the excitement around the hunt for these kids. If we can help them with new gear to be more successful in the field, great and if we can help attach more excitement to the hunt or fishing trip, perfect!”

Trinity Oaks utilizes the outdoors’ resources, such as hunting and fishing, to give back and make a difference. The nonprofit organization focuses on underserved populations such as veterans, youth, and the terminally ill and disabled.

The Sportsman’s Box will be partnering with Trinity Oaks’ StarKids Program. This program focuses on the sons and daughters of fallen first responders and combat veterans.

Trinity Oaks Founder and President Tom Snyder explains, “We have seen time and time again in our work with families of fallen veterans that time in nature with other likeminded children has a huge impact on coping with grief. Helping children of first responders is just a natural extension of that work and a way for us to give back even more.”

Through the StarKids program, each child is paired with a member of the fallen first responder’s agency or military branch as a hunting buddy and mentor. Both become “hunter safety certified” together prior to the hunt. Groups of four to six StarKids and their hunting buddies then participate in a unique hunt together.

James Hauke, program coordinator for Trinity Oaks’ StarKids Program, said, “Our goal is not to get these kids into the outdoors just once but to keep them going back. We provide each kid with a variety of gear to ensure his or her success. Trinity Oaks' StarKids program is excited to partner with the Sportsman’s Box as they provide wonderful surprises for our kids.”

For more information on Trinity Oaks or to make a donation, please visit their website Also, please follow Trinity Oaks and StarKids on Facebook.

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