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HME Wind Indicator - $3
As the chase gets harder and the bucks get smarter, keep this wind indicator with you at all times to know when the wind switches and how to improve your setup.

Flextone Ground Grunt'r Deer Call - $37+
When we saw this, it was a no brainer. When setting up on your next hunt, don't direct the bucks attention directly to you when you grunt, but direct it towards where you place the call!

HME Combo Pack | Saw & Pruner - $16
Light and handy! Keep this simple saw and pair of pruners with you in your pack for when you need to make a few last minute adjustments.

Total Starter Box Value - $56

Hawk Rachet Strap (2 Pack) - $17
Constructed of high-strength, premium tactical Stealthâ„¢ camo webbing. The straps include coated 'non-marring' J-hook ends, each measure 1 in. wide by 10 ft. long and have a work-load strength of 500 lb.

HME Fixed Blade Knife with Gut Hook - $15
Lightweight, simple and gets the job done. Keep this knife near by for when you need to make quick work on your next harvest!

Total Original Box Value - $88

HME SD Card Reader/Viewer - $80
Have you ever caught yourself carrying your laptop with you when checking trail camera's... NO MORE. Viewer is perfect for being quick in and out when checking camera's.

Total Denali Box Value - $168

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