The National Wild Turkey Federation
"Treat Yo Self"
Social Distancing Style!
Dakotas Edition!

See how you can win below! Let's have some fun, win some new gear, and a chance to win the newest brand that will become a household name, the 
Brand New RETAY 12 ga.

Brought to you in association with the industries top brands!

The Live Drawing! See who wins and what all could be in 
your Grab a Box by Sportsman's Box!

Here at NWTF, we miss seeing you at the local banquet. Since a number of them have been postponed, we teamed up with Sportsman's Box to bring the banquet, the new gear and the chance to win a New RETAY Shotgun to you!

Grab a Box
How it works?
It's Simple

1. Pay $100 (+$7.99 S/H) using the button below.
2. Each order will be assigned a number 1 - 100. Each number is attached to a box, boxes have up to $400 worth of gear in them!
3.  You receive the gear inside your box (shipped directly to your door) and potential lucky number once 100 boxes have been sold.   
4. Once all participants have received their box, you will be notified via email or text for the LIVE  drawing's date/time. 
On the specified date/time, return back here to see our live video feed which will end with us giving away a gun!

SOLD OUT!!! On 5.18.20
Tune Live Here - 5.20.20 at 4pm CST for the live drawing of the RETAY Gordion!

We are also giving you an Annual NWTF Membership, including 6 issues of "Turkey Country" Magazine, with each box purchase!

Above represents the type of gear that could be in your box!

Each box has a value up to $400 in gear, and below shows some of the items that you could win in your box! Some boxes have a $100 value, some boxes have a $400 value, some boxes have values all in between! And everyone is entered to win the gun!

Sportsman's Box has teamed up with NWTF to bring this to you, right where you are! Here is your chance to participate, give back and win!
Verified, tested and proven awesome at the 2020 National Convention 
in Nashville, TN last month, where we ended up giving away 
5 guns and thousands of dollars of gear!


Please checkout and follow our Dakotas NWTF Facebook Page (click icon below) to stay current on the association's events and happenings.  We'd love to hear from your as well!  Don't be a stranger now!