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  • Field and Stream (Blog)

    The Team test hunting and fishing gear, apparel, and food, and then send the best products to subscribers. Boxes can be individualized based on subscriber preferences, and tailored to upcoming hunting or fishing seasons.

  • Jason D (Facebook)

    I've been a member of the sportsman box for over a year, and my hunting pack is FULL of things I got from the box.

  • Editor for USA Today Magazine (Print)

    Tailored to a region's upcoming fishing and hunting season, The Sportsman's Box launched in mid-2015 with 118 customers. Today, it ships thousands across the U.S.

  • Doug S (Facebook)

    I was thinking about only doing it for a couple of months but reconsidered after seeing the quality of the contents in each box!

  • John McAdams (Big Game Hunting Blog Review)

    This is what I’d recommend buying...Everybody loves getting hunting gear and these boxes are a great way to discover and enjoy some new gear that you might not have even known existed otherwise.