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We put our money where our mouth is,
with a *100% money back guarantee*.
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First Box ships in December!

How does the 100% money 
back guarantee work?
Simple, if we don't save you over $100 on your new gear and trips throughout the 1st year and you did not like the service. Just cancel and ask for your money back.
And you get to keep all the gear we sent you!

*If a coupon is used when purchasing and joining the Patron's Club, the 100% money back guarantee becomes null and void.
*As long as you inquire, shop, or give us a chance to save you money through our Gear Guide and online store throughout the 1st year, the 100% money back guarantee will apply. We base the $100+ saving's on MSRP. If the trips MSRP is $5,000 and we pitch in $200 towards the hunt, we save you $200. If the products has an MSRP of $50 and we save you $20, that is $20 we save you. 
100% Money Back Guarantee only applies to Patron's Club Membership - Does not apply to any other membership on this site.