Grab a Box Sweepstakes
Social Distancing Style

See how you can win! Grab a box and receive awesome hunting gear. For every 100 boxes sold, one lucky recipient will be the owner of a brand new RETAY 12 ga.

Brought to you in association with industries top brands!

We missed seeing many of you due to local SCI Chapter banquets having been cancelled or postponed. Don’t worry. You can still support SCI and receive some great gear. Safari Club International has teamed up with Sportsman’s Box to bring you SCI love, social distancing style.

Above represents the type of gear that could be in your box! 

Grab a Box
How it works?
It's Simple

1. Grab a Box for $100 (+$7.99 S/H) using the button below.
2. Each order is assigned a number 1 - 100. Each number is attached to a box and will have gear valued between $100 and $600. 

*Five lucky recipients will find a golden ticket good for one 4-day badge to the 2021 SCI Convention. 
3. Once 100 boxes have been grabbed, you'll receive your box and potential winning number shipped directly to your door.
4. Once all entrants have received their box, you will be notified via email or text for the LIVE  drawing's date/time.  One that specified date/time, simply come back here and we'll be giving away a gun.

5. We'll continue this process as long as folks are grabbing boxes, giving away a brand new RETAY 12 ga. for every 100 boxes grabbed.


Sold Out - Rounds 1 - 10


Stay Tuned for the LIVE unboxing's and drawing's, once we sell 100 boxes
we will go live Right Here!!! 

Round 10 is going live Friday 08/21/20 at 4:30pm CST!

Round 9 is went live here:

Round 8 went live here:

Round 7 went live here:

Round 6 went live here:

Round 5 went live here:

Round 4 went live here:

Round 3 went live here:

Round 2 went live here:

Round 1 went live here, BUT winner donated the gun back for another drawing!

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