Get Scout'd

Taking the hassle out of shopping for 
everyday sportsman's lifestyle clothing, while discovering gear for the field and stream!

*Join the BETA Group - Only accepting first 50 sign ups

Simply put, we bring the store to the comfort of your own home!
Experience the fun and excitement of discovering new gear and clothes, while only paying for what YOU decide to keep!

What to expect with your Scout'd Membership?

6 to 10 items from Premium Brands per delivery!

Keep & purchase only what you want, send back the rest!

Free Shipping and Free Returns! Cancel, Pause, Skip Anytime!

From High Quality gear to everyday lifestyle apparel

Live the Lifestyle

How It Works

Step 1

Share your style, interests, sizes and price range preferences in a detailed profile. The more we know, the better your experience will be! 

Step 2

RECEIVE YOUR SCOUT'D BOX Get hand picked clothing and gear delivered to your door - no subscription required. Prices of all the items will be listed for purchase. 

Step 3

Buy what you like, send back the rest. You have 5 days to decide! Shipping is always free, simply arrange a pickup with USPS directly from your house!    

Step 4

Once we receive the box back, your guide will account for the inventory and reach out to complete your purchase! 

And you didn't even have to leave your home!

Before each Scout'd Box is shipped, you'll be charged a $25.99 service fee, which will be credited to any items you choose to buy.
How much is a Scout'd box?

Our design profile let's you decide how much you want to spend. You can discover, test and try out brands that are north of $150 per item to brands that are $100 and less. You decide the price range of items you want to discover, when filling out your profile!  Remember you only keep and pay for what you want, it's just a $25.99 curating fee before it ships, which is credited to anything you choose to purchase!

Do I have to buy the entire Box?

NOPE! You only pay for what you keep, and you won't be charged until we receive your returns.  

How long do I have to test and try out the items in my Box?

5 full calendar days! We go off of when tracking says it was delivered! If you are going out of town, please let us know this before your box ships!

Return Policy and Condition of items sent back?

It's simple, shipping on returns are always free for the Scout box membership. The condition of the items sent back must be like new with all tags still on the item.  If you send it back and it is not in new condition with tags on the items, we will charge you full price for the item. Which we will notify you to discuss.

Can I purchase the entire box?

You sure can! Often times you will receive extra discounts if the whole box is kept!

What if I return the whole box?

As long as the items are in like new condition, which is standard just as you would return any other item to any store, you will not be charged anything more! The $25.99 curating fee before the box shipped is the only charge non-refundable.

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