Eat. Better.

Wild Chef by Sportsman's Box will help you turn your wild game into mouth watering, professionally inspired meals.

You have the meat, we deliver the meal!

Join us as a partner and invest. 

By investing in this project, you become apart of the team, the wild game revolution, and growth of the industry.

What's the Project? Introducing Wild Chef by Sportsman's Box

Want to cook your Wild Game in more exciting and delicious ways? 

It's like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh for Hunters and Anglers!

How It Works
Members will choose a plan or recipe for the wild game they already or will have, and each box will deliver detailed step by step instructions with the perfect amount of ingredients, seasonings, and sides to turn your wild game into a real feast!

*Please note, to start we will not provide the meat, it is illegal to sell or distribute wild game. (Unless it is farm raised)
The First Wild Chef Boxes are expected to ship July of 2019.

Professional Inspired Meals
Cook hand crafted meals from the top wild game chefs 
in the US!

Flexibility You Deserve
Choose number of servings, switch meats, pause, skip or cancel at any time!

Fresh and Affordable
Shipped bi-weekly to your 
door starting at just 
$6.99 per meal!

Eat Better with Wild Chef

You have the meat, we deliver the meal!

What's Inside Each Box
+ Easy to follow recipes
+ High-quality ingredients
+ Perfectly-portioned amounts
+ Dinnertime perfected

Why Back Us, Why Now?

My name is Adam Whitehead, Founder and Owner of Sportsman's Box. A company I started with $750, a farm boy work ethic and an absolute passion for the hunting and fishing lifestyle. Since launch in 2015 the company has generated over $2,500,000 in sales and I have learned a ton through some trial and error. For those of you that have stuck with us through the ups and downs, THANK YOU!


This new project is one that I have been working on in the "wee" hours of the night for months, and can not wait for us to fully launch as I am literally a customer! 

  • A. I have plenty of wild game but end up cooking it one of maybe 2 or 3 ways every time.
  • B. I love watching my friends do amazing things with the wild game, but admittedly I am to lazy to go to the grocery store for the right ingredients, plus over buying ingredients.
  • C. I already love to cook and similar service but can not wait to do it with my wild game in the same way!


With restaurant owning chefs to cookbook chefs to chefs that have cooked all over the globe, I am excited for what's to come and to bring their mouth watering dishes to your home. We have the chefs, the partnerships, the platform being finished and ready to bring it to you.


Why now?

I mention this above, but I truly believe we can add fuel to the fire of the wild game revolution and inspire people to hunt and fish more, or even get started! Food as a language about it and when done well, it simply speaks to the soul! So when you get to have a date night in the kitchen, preparing your wild game the exact same way as the pro's, your going to need more meat in the freezer! When you cook for yourself, like me, put some Cody Johnson on, have a drink, prep an incredible meal, I think that is pretty much referred to as Zen (or whatever they call it) When you invite friends over that do not hunt, and they taste the purest, organic meat in the form of an incredible meal, their response... "how do I get some of this?" 


We literally have an opportunity to inspire people to hunt and fish more here! Which means more conservation, healthy populations, more hunting ground, less attacking the outdoors we love.


Why Back us?

Starting with just $750 we have never had the opportunity to really bring on staff to help in a big way as we grew, which caused a ceiling.  So learning from my past and now with years of experience under my belt, we want to come out with guns blazing. Starting with a customer service team in place, full operations ready to run and give you the service you deserve every day! This is bigger than you and I, this truely is industry growth and I hope you will back us!